Easy way to copy one git branch to another local branch

Published on 04-01-2014

At my work we use a couple of branches for deployment with CodeShip. When we push one of our ‘build’ branches, Codeship automatically starts a new build on it, and deploys if all tests pass. One of these is our QA branch. For this reason it is beneficial for us to have a quick workflow to make one of these branches behave like a dev branch we want to test-deploy. I think I have now found the easiest, fastest Git command for doing so:

The Git command to easily copy one git branch to another local branch

It is basically just ‘reverting’ the branch to another branch (in this case a remote one):

NOTE: This will OVERWRITE the branch you are copying to

git checkout local-branch-i-want-to-revert
git reset --hard origin/branch-i-want-to-copy

If the branch you wish to copy is not remote, remove the origin/ part

Book Recommendation

Interested in improving your git skills? Then I would suggest “Version Control with Git” published by O’reilly.

Version Control with Git

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